Champions of goodness

During the recent edition of the 2023 World Cheese Awards , the most authoritative cheese award currently in its 25th edition, Italy won the most awards confirming itself as a leader in the production of high-quality cheese in the world.

In Trondheim Norway, where expert judges from all over the world declared that they were very impressed by the quality of the cheeses and the innovation shown by the dairy companies, Botalla with its three awards made a great impression in the category “cow’s milk with a washed crust” with  Italo winning  an important silver medal confirming it as a unique high-quality product which was greatly appreciated. For the cheese category “raw goat’s milk” Kaprone also won a silver medal thanks to its decisive aromatic flavour. A well deserved bronze medal was given to Valmonte Stravecchio for its elegant and intense flavour in the category “aged cow’s milk” completing an exceptional trisome of which we are very proud.



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