New flavors
    come from old passions

Discover the harmony

For us, the respect of the traditions means to find the right balance between the past and the present. We create two new recipes adding ginger and turmeric to our Piedmontese milk. The result is two new cheese with a unique and balanced taste.

The right rest

Curcumella e Zenzerino rest in Botalla cellars to reach the perfect balance of flavors.

Enjoy the pleasure

Two cheese with an elegant personality. Sublime if tasted with a white wine that enhances their unique flavor and aroma. Excellent to enrich your risotti or together with a compote of soft fruit or delicate pear.

Committed to the quest for quality

It took two years to find the perfect recipe for these new members of the Botalla family.
Even if we love experimenting all our cheeses have emerged thanks to respecting traditions and the best of tastes.